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I'm a freshman who recently joined a lower tier sorority. Throughout rush my house was my last choice, one I ranked final round to round and nearly suicided at, yet was always called back to. After nights spent bawling to my Rho Gamma and top-tier bound friends, I reluctantly accepted my bid. Now I can say joining was one of the greatest decisions I've made in my life. Being part of a lower ranked house means the girls I am with are particularly genuine (Not to say other houses are not) and supportive. At every chapter meeting I feel a real sense of sisterhood. We celebrate each others accomplishments as though they are our own and are always there for each other when anyone is struggling. It's also nice to be able to improve something rather than feel compelled to uphold a reputation. I know this website isn't exactly the place to rally behind the lower tier but I felt like putting it out there. So be it if people think I'm self-promoting my house or am a classic lower tier NGB- I wouldn't have wanted to end up anywhere else Reply to Topic
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