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<strong>Subject:</strong><br />Final Fall Sorority PC 2022 Ranking <br /><br /> Poster Message:
Ranking is based on the following criteria: 1. Overall consensus from multiple members of every organization (no singular POV seen in other false rankings). 2. Organizations that have consistently improved their formula when it’s come to their pledge classes (for example: certain types of girls aiming for a specific house in the past are now aiming for another one). That’s how you become a top houses over time ICYMI. 1. Delta Gamma 2. Gamma Phi 3. Delta Zeta 4. Alpha Phi 5. Tri Delta 6. AOPi 7. Sigma Kappa That said, congrats to all of you new members on this exciting journey! It’s what you make of your experience that ultimately counts! Just know that if your personality trait is feeding into the drama 24/7 you won’t have a pleasant experience in Greek life and this will ultimately lead you into being dismissed by everyone around you, in case you’re wondering why the Greek community doesn’t acknowledge or respect a certain organization that goes against that unity everyone else strives for.
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