Reactions When Your Homeless Sorority Finally Gets A Home

Pi Beta Phi
 Pi Beta Phi
 Taylor Moran  

For so long your chapter has been the homeless sorority.  The new chapter on campus that has to float around from place to place for events because you have no house to call a home.  But no longer.  A house finally opened up for one reason or another and your chapter got the call that it would become yours.  Here’s 13 things that happen once that announcement has been made

You freak out.  The wave of excitement that is overcoming you is so strong that you have to sit down and ponder what just happened

You have a moment of disbelief.  Did you really just read/hear that right? Your chapter president isn’t trying to pull one over on you guys, right?
You reconcile with the fact that this house is reality.  Your chapter president has no reason to lie, right?  Everyone would hate her for pulling that kind of prank.  You finally accept that this is the truth.
You freak out again.  You keep thinking WE GOT A HOUSE! WE GOT A FREAKING HOUSE!
You rush to text your best friend in the chapter. You want to celebrate this news together.
You start mentally planning all the decorations.  Obviously the house needs to be painted in tasteful colors and have the best crafts and have the best letters in the windows. If the house used to be a fraternity house, then you also start planning how to get the boy smell out the house.
If you aren’t a senior then you start planning what your potential room will look like. You are obviously going to live there next year.
You start thinking about all of the events you can have in the house.  Sisterhoods! Mixers! Bid Day!!
You realize that this is going to make recruitment a lot easier. The lack of a house totally factors into some PNMs’ choice.
You groan. You think about all the rules that go along with living in a sorority house.
But you really don’t care because you finally have a house and you refuse to think about any downside to this fantastic news.
And finally, you realize that this house is totally going to make your sisterhood stronger. Now you all will have some place on your campus to really call home.



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