Most Fun BigLittleReveals Of Fall 2016

 Delta Gamma At University Of Georgia
  Delta Gamma At University Of Georgia

BigLittleReveal is one of best days of a new member’s sorority career. They literally get a whole new family. There are generally two ways for a bigs/g-bigs to have this special day play out for their new little. Many choose to go with the traditional reveal strategy of “less dress cute and take girly pictures of us hugging”. Then there’s the “let’s make this as fun and silly of an experience as possible” approach. Let’s celebrate the girls who chose to get weird with it in fall 2016.

Gamma Phi Beta at the University of Toronto

Delta Gamma at University of Georgia Chi Omega at the University of Washington   
Theta Alpha at University of Florida   
Kappa Delta  At Tennessee Tech Sigma Kappa at University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

Kappa Alpha Theta at University of Wisconsin - Madison  
Delta Zeta at Texas A&M  
Chi Omega at Texas State University  
Delta Delta Delta at University of Arkansas

Delta Gamma at Texas A&M



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