Five Reasons Why Sorority House Moms Rock

Julia Wilkens Of Kappa Kappa Gamma At Kansas State
 Julia Wilkens Of Kappa Kappa Gamma At Kansas State
 Blythe Wilson  

House moms rock. Every sorority girl knows that a house does not function without everyone’s favorite second mother. I wanted to write an article that highlights reason why sorority girls love their house moms as well as spotlight a few of the best moms in the country.

They Offer Guidance:  While a Sorority Mother does not act as a disciplinarian per say, they do enjoy lending “motherly” guidance to the girls within the sorority. Just ask Dacie Cowell who was interviewed in 2014 about being a sorority house mother to Tri Delta at the University of Missouri. “I like being around the girls and listening to all their stories. They’re funny and they enjoy life an awful lot, Dacie said.”

They Keep the House Maintained: Sorority Mothers oversee that the house stays up to date on all maintenance and repairs. While they are called Sorority Mothers, much of what they do involves property management. How else do you think that beautiful sorority houses, like Phi Mu at the University of Georgia, stay picture perfect for photos in Southern Living Magazine?
They Keep Sorority Sisters Fed: While sorority houses have their own cooks, most rely on their House Mother to prepare meals. The House Mother plans and prepares menus while trying to meet a houseful of individual dietary needs.  
They Manage the Budget: Between the utilities, food, and housing supplies, a financial budget is essential to any successful sorority house. Sorority Mothers manage the finances of the house and ensure that all the bills are paid.  
They Uphold the Policies and Standards of the Chapter: All sorority houses abide by their own set of rules and regulations that have been set by their specific chapter. House Mothers ensure that the rules are being followed. Since most of these rules are put into place for the well-being of the sorority, the house mother makes sure that the girls in the house are kept safe and structured. This can be a real challenge for sorority houses with over 25 tenants. Just ask the house mother at the house of Delta Gamma at University of Minnesota.

A House Mother loves her girls and carries a passion for her job. Be sure to thank your chapter Sorority Mom. What makes your House Mother awesome?



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