Creative Storage Solutions For Your First Dorm Or Apartment

Fridge Storage Solution
 Fridge Storage Solution
 Jess Utile  

Moving away from home can be thrilling, nerve-racking, and tear-jerking for your parents. But while your mom is worried about her little baby leaving the nest, you are worried about how you are going to cram all your stuff into your new (undoubtable small) college living space. Worry no more. Here are some creative storage solutions for your first dorm or apartment.


Five Layer Hangers For Your Closet
If you think your closet is crowded now, wait till you see the closet in your dorm room. Even if your close comfortably fit in your closet back home, you’re going to want to store more stuff in your closet now that you’re living in a smaller space. These hangers allow you to hang up to five pairs of pants or shorts per hanger, dramatically cutting down on space. You can also hang towels on these or scarves. Extra bonus—they aren’t real expensive.
  Fridge Storage
These magnet strips make a mini fridge seem huge. Well… maybe not huge, but this will definitely save space. By hanging some of your metal lidded drinks from the roof of your fridge you double the amount of space. Fridge Space Part Two
Let’s face it, space for your food is your top priority. These trays keep your fridge organized and makes food easy to get to. You just clip them onto your selves and slide the tray in and out to access the drawers. Power Strip Labeling
There are few things more irritating then tangled power cords, especially if you think you have plugged in your computer then it suddenly dies because that cord you had plugged in was actually the power cord to your Keurig, not your laptop. You can buy colorful tags or use tape to make these tabs. This is an easy way to stay organized with simple labels. It only takes a few minutes to put these tags on but it can save you a lot of trouble later. Bed Raisers
Lots of college students use bed raisers to lift their bed in order to create more storage space, which I highly recommend, but these specific raisers double as outlets. This makes staying plugged in even easier, especially when you are sharing your room and there are only so many outlets to go around. Bed Side Storage
This last item has been around forever but its perfect for storing personal belongings in your appartment or dorm. This is a safe place to keep your stuff even when sharing with several other people. It’s a simple and inexpensive item you can find online or in most Targets or Walmarts and I highly recommend it. 



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