Best Sorority Recruitment Videos - Fall 2018

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Did Your Sorority Make The Cut?
 Did Your Sorority Make The Cut?

Ah, that time of year -- sorority recruitment -- where we find ourselves spending too much time in the guilty pleasure that is watching sorority recruitment videos. Usually a well-edited mix of time lapses set against pop techno, girls on speedboats, the latest trends in bikinis, and of course, convertibles cruising coastlines and/or desert backroads. Here are this semester’s best sorority recruitment videos.


University of Miami - Alpha Delta Pi


The ADPi girls at the University of Miami will have you believing there’s nightly yoga classes and a tropical blue lagoon at their chapter house, and we’re into it. We’re also into all of the extracurriculars the girls are involved in, which you’re introduced to within the first minute. Saving coral reefs, owning the soccer field, equestrianship, ballet. They have it all, and they do it all.   

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