Best Sorority House Christmas Lights Displays 2016

Alpha Chi Omega At Texas A&M
 Alpha Chi Omega At Texas A&M

Before taking off for winter break, most sororities took the time to decorate their house for the holidays. Many simply set up a Christmas tree and maybe a wreath/garland. It’s all pretty standard and will lead to some cute pictures. Yet, some sororities go the extra mile by decking out the outside of their houses with holiday decorations. Let’s take a look at some of the chapters from across the country that win when it comes to holiday spirit

After reviewing our top picks, do you think your house should have made the list? Should we do a list for fraternities? Please provide us a link in the comments section below or send in your photos to Happy holidays!
Sigma Kappa at University of Missouri

We appreciate that it’s a tradition for most of the greek houeses at Missourri to decorate the inside and outside of their homes. Sigma Kappa did a fantastic job and uped the competition by having 3 Christmas trees on display.
Alpha Chi Omega at Florida State University Tallahassee’s weather is forecasted to be in the 80s around Christmas. The Alpha Chi Omegas won’t get the traditional white Christmas, but who cares. They have a beautiful house and they did a great job getting it ready for the holidays.
Kappa Delta at University of Arkansas  
Seriously, who has the job of putting those decorations up? Those lights and garland are basically three stories high. Santa won’t be passing up the KD house at University of Arkansas this year.
Delta Delta Delta at Indiana University We were hoping to find a nighttime photo of this lights display. Please send one in if you have it. The IU Tri-Delts have a beautiful home and we bet it looks spectacular at night with these lights.
Phi Mu at Case Western Reserve University Why does this little number make the list? Because we doubt many of the other light displays that made this list were actually done by the sorority sisters themselves. We’re not hating, but we do appreciate the likelihood that the Phi Mus at Case made a sisterhood event out of decorating their cute house together.
Delta Gamma at University of Missouri Mizzou might take home the award for best Greek house holiday decorations for a school. We read that this is the last winter in this home before the DG’s at Missouri move into new home. They certainly made sure to give their beloved home one last holiday sparkle.  
Delta Zeta at University of Alabama For having some of the most beautiful sorority homes in the country, we couldn’t find much evidence that Bama does much outdoor decorating this time of year. Way to go DZ. It’s simple, but classy. It also looks like the girls might have made a sisterhood event out of it…so extra points awarded.

Alpha Chi Omega at Texas A&M Everything is truly bigger and brighter in Texas. If there was an award for most lights used on this list, looks like A-Chi-O at TAMU would be taking home the grand prize. Seriously, this lights display is beautiful. This is almost Clark Griswold level decorations right here.



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