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Did You Know Will Ferrell Was A DTD?
 Did You Know Will Ferrell Was A DTD?

Hundreds of men have moved on from collegiate Greek life into the glitzy and powerful ranks of society. It’s no surprise that many of the actors, billionaire CEOs, politicians and Grammy-winning musicians you know as famed celebrities are also Greek alumni.

Can you imagine partying with Bob Barker? Eating lunch with Jeremy Piven? Studying in the same halls as Neil Armstrong? We can’t either. But if you belong to one of the following fraternities, it’ll feel pretty good to call these recognizable names your brothers - sort of.

Sigma Chi

Brad Pitt was a Sigma Chi

Warren Beatty
Jim Caviezel
Woody Harrelson
Drew Brees
John Wayne
David Letterman
Brad Pitt
Luke Bryan
Tom Selleck
Chris Klein
Andy Rooney
Ben Savage

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Sigma Nu

Eli Manning was a Sigma Nu

Harrison Ford
Paul Rudd
Bob Barker
Bob Wolff
Don Tyson (Founder of Tyson Foods)
Eli Manning
Al Groh

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Delta Tau Delta

Will Ferrell Was A DTD

James Marsden
Matthew McConaughey
Will Ferrell
John Elway
David Schwimmer
Drew Carey

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Phi Delta Theta

Neil Armstrong was in Phi Delta Theta

Burt Reynolds
Brian Niccol (CEO of Taco Bell)
Drew Houston (Founder of Dropbox)
Frank Lloyd Wright
Neil Armstrong
Roger Ebert
Lou Gehrig

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Omega Psi Phi

Michael Jordan was a Omega Psy Phi


Bill Cosby
Vince Carter
Jesse Jackson
Langston Hughes
Rickey Smiley
Joe Black
Michael Jordan
Rev. Jesse Jackson
Shaquille O’Neal
Steve Harvey

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Pi Kappa Alpha

Tim Mcgraw as a Pi Kappa Alpha

Jeremy Piven
Tim McGraw
Tim Ferriss
Ted Koppel
Jim Parsons
Jon Stewart

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Lambda Chi Alpha

Will Forte was a Lambda Chi Alpha

John Tesh
Kenny Chesney
Benjamin Bratt
Will Forte
Fred Haas
Joe Philbin

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Delta Chi

Adam Levine was a Delta Chi

Kevin Costner
Ashton Kutcher
Adam Levine
Alan Horn (Warner Brothers CEO and President)
Benjamin Harrison

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