Nine Ways to Psych Yourself up for Fall Semester

Ohio University In The Fall
 Ohio University In The Fall
 Blythe Wilson  

As summer comes to a close, it is now the time to mentally and emotionally prepare for another school year. Yes, it is sad that your break is almost over, but there is so much for you to look forward to waiting for you back on campus. Here are some tips to get yourself psyched up for Fall semester 2018.

Think of all the great fall campus activities!
With fall comes Halloween, Thanksgiving, hay rides, and more. Yes, you have your academics, but think of all the fun campus activities that come with this season!

You’re another year closer to graduation.
With every year that approaches, I must remind myself that I am now another semester closer to graduation. Every semester that I finish only puts me closer to the end goal.


Reuniting with campus friends.
If you left campus for the summer, you have been missing all your college campus peeps! Going back to school means that you get to see them again and create more memories.
New curriculum.
Okay, so this may not be too exciting for everyone. However, if you really dig your area of study, it should be exciting to get new curriculum that will aid in your future career. By the end of each semester, I tend to be burnt out on some particular classes I’ve spent 3 months attending. It is always refreshing to have a new class with fresh coursework.
Rush week is coming!
If you are involved in Greek life, then you know a new school year means new potential members of a sorority or fraternity. Recruitment can be so exciting. New faces, new personalities, and new opportunities!


Back to school party
Want to share your back-to-school blues? Organize a get-together or a party before the semester finally begins. There is no better way to end summer than with a final back to school bash.

Back to school shopping.
Most of us probably equate this with our pre-college schooling. However, if you have the extra funds, use the new semester as an opportunity to go shopping. Get some new fall clothes or buy some things to spruce up your chapter house or dorm room.                                                               
College football!!!!
Nothing says fall like college football! Friendly rivalry, tailgating, and supporting your team make this time of year a favorite for many!
New school year = New opportunities.
A new school year means a new opportunity for academic, personal, and professional growth. What will you do differently this year? What can you learn from last year? This is a fresh start



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