​8 Teaching Moments During College

Being Sick In College
 Being Sick In College

College is some of the most formative years of our lives. The girl/boy that you are when you enter as a freshman is not the woman/man that will walk across the podium 4 years later. There are certain moments during our college careers that will shape who we become. Here is a list of some of those moments.

First night of college

Nothing will compare to the first moment in your life when you are truly free from your parents.

First roommate fight Getting into an argument with someone you live with but aren’t related to is certainly an experience like no other. Hopefully, you get better at it with time.
First time homesick It usually happens towards the end of the first semester and may happen at least once each of the following school years.
First time actually sick Seriously…being sick and having to take care of yourself for the first time is such a drag. No one cares that you’re sick and you learn to get over that.

Selecting a major This decision can set direction for the rest of your life.

Selecting your diet Are you going to eat all of your vegetables? It is your choice.
First time playing house The first time you “play house” with a significant other and learn all their little quirks will teach you how to live with a future spouse.
Deciding on your own to clean Or don’t clean. It is your decision.



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