5 Quick Dorm-Friendly Breakfast Ideas

Balanced Breakfast
 Balanced Breakfast
 Nicole Bradley-Bernard  

College life is hard. Between the late-night study sessions, trying to make the most of the social aspects of college, and trying to make it to class on time; making time for a well-balanced breakfast everyday can seem daunting (if not, nearly impossible at times). But, let me reassure you that it is not impossible, it can actually be quite simple. Let me take away a little bit of the stress and give you some quick, easy, and dorm-friendly breakfast ideas:

Banana, Toast, and a Microwaved Egg
Bananas are a great fruit for the busy college student. Not only do bananas contain numerous important nutrition’s and aid in digestion, but they come with natures carrying case (the peel) making them the ideal fruit for on-the-go!  Make a piece of wholegrain toast, microwave an egg, fold the cooked egg into the toast, and grab a banana for an easy and balanced breakfast on your way out the door. If the egg and toast being plain is too boring for your taste, consider lightly using salt and pepper on the egg and putting a piece of mozzarella on top.

Overnight Blueberry Maple Oatmeal
This is the perfect on-the-go breakfast as it is made quickly the night before and ready to be splashed with milk in the morning before you head to class. Also, this easy breakfast will help boost your energy and your memory (blueberries have been noted to improve brain function) to get your day started. Oatmeal’s ability to give you more energy and keep you fuller longer will allow for optimal concentration during that morning lecture. Plus, let’s get real, oatmeal’s ability to keep you more “regular” certainly won’t hurt matters any. For full recipe, click here.  
Granola and Yogurt Mixes
Buy a bag of already made granola that is low in sodium and sugar, but high in fiber and protein to keep on hand for hectic mornings. Toss a handful or two into a bowl and mix in your favorite yogurt for a healthy dose of calcium and probiotics. Consider topping it off with your favorite berry for a well-balanced breakfast. Stir it all up and head out the door.  
Fruit, Walnuts, and Cheese
Another super easy way to get a balanced breakfast is to always keep walnuts, apples, bananas, and small amounts of cheese on hand. Cut up about 1-2 ounces of cheddar cheese into bite sized pieces and add ¼ cups of walnuts into a small bag. Walnuts are high in protein and fiber making them perfect for breakfast or an energy boosting snack. Then in the morning you’re ready to grab a nut and cheese bag and a piece of fruit on your way out the door.  
No-Bake Nutella Energy Bites
Spend an afternoon making up a few batches of these energy-packed, delicious, and bite-sized balls that are easily kept in the fridge and ready whenever you feel a little twinge of hunger. These are great for small snacks in between meals or as a quick breakfast substitute for when you’re running severely low on time. Consider dividing these up into small portions for easy access and always keep some apples on hand. This way, it will only take you 3 seconds to grab a balanced breakfast on the go. For full recipe, click here.



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