The 15 Best Sorority Paddles

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Sorority Paddle
 Sorority Paddle

Whoever said sorority girls are not artsy certainly did not know what they were talking about. If you want to see a showcase of artistic skills in Greek Life, check out sorority paddles! Sorority paddles are gifts in Greek Life that littles give their bigs or bigs give their littles as a sign of their bond and sisterhood within the sorority. Sometimes the paddle has a theme that links the sisters – something they have in common besides the sorority. Other times they’re just made to be absolutely cute and connect the sisters through their aesthetic tastes. The tradition of the paddles dates pretty far back, but these days the décor of them is certainly crafty and upscale. I’ve searched the internet and brought you the 15 best sorority paddles!


This wooden beauty was made for UC Irvine Alpha Phi. It’s elegant and perfectly decorated. With matching flowers on the top left and bottom right and a cute jar in the middle, it’s perfect for any sorority! It even has cute lace and ribbon attached!

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