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  Grace        POPULAR POST
The 2015 fall recruitment season on most campuses across the country has come to an end. As advertised, Midwestern girls are sweet, sassy, and down to earth.  The country charm shines through in these 10 great chapters’ new pledge classes! Check out the wonderful additions to sororities across Middle America....Read more
  Baylor        POPULAR POST
One of the best parts about a being in a sorority is finally being able to have that one person who will always be there for whatever you need – your big. Big-little reveal is an amazing event that every sorority girl should look forward to when they join. It’s a day full of silly costumes and endless family photos. The cameras are constantly flashing, selfie sticks are everywhere, snapchat stories go from 0 to 100 real quick, and everyone looks absolutely adorable. As the fall semester and sorority events kick off, let’s take a look at some of the cutest big-little pictures...Read more
  Priscilla        POPULAR POST
There’s no doubt that being involved in a sorority can be a life changing experience. You’ll share endless memories of sleepless nights and fun times with your sisters. Though most importantly, you’ll be immersed into exciting philanthropic events that are truly eye opening. There are so many sororities that get involved in brilliant and impactful philanthropic work, but these 10 are the ones that really take raising funds and awareness to a new level....Read more
  Kevin        POPULAR POST
It's the beginning of a new school year and recruitment is already under way. Just in time, has tallied up all of the ratings and rankings to unveil the fraternities and sororities who are the current Fall 2015 leaders in each of the following categories: Sisterhood/Brotherhood, Involvement, Classiness, Popularity, Looks, Fun, And Overall Highest Ranked...Read more
  Tom        POPULAR POST
PMNs are eager to position themselves into the house of their dreams. A chapter's culture can change with each passing graduating class to the next, but one constant will be the house that the new members will call their home-away-from-home for the next 4 years. From the throwback castles in the Midwest to the modern mansions being built down south, this country has some very impressive sorority houses. Here's our new list of the 10 best houses in America....Read more
Fraternity/sorority houses, annex houses, apartments, and even dorms. These homes will likely be the settings of some of the most fun we’ll ever have. Whether our four years are up or we’re just moving across campus, we will continue to move in and out of these temporary homes. Wouldn’t it be nice if we started to record some of the good times we had under each roof so the group of students who came after us could appreciate the legacy of the home?...Read more
Fall recruitment is upon us. Think your sorority has a strong 2015 group of new members? Boy, from what we have seen, rush went very well for some west coast chapters. From Pullman, Washington to sunny SoCal, here is a list that puts the spotlight on some of the newest pledge classes who are making their chapters shine....Read more