Greek Rank
  Katie        POPULAR POST
Greek involvement can provide an enriching college experience for many students. Although Greek life has a dominant presence in the south that often times overshadows the Greek communities in other parts of the country, there are many outstanding chapters located in other regions of the United States. Each of these have their own special qualities that make them some of the top houses in the nation. This list was compiled to showcase some of the amazing sororities hailing from the PAC 12 universities....Read more
  Sean        POPULAR POST has tallied up all of the ratings and rankings to unveil the fraternities and sororities who are the current all-time leaders in each of the following categories:   Sisterhood/Brotherhood, Involvement, Classiness, Popularity, Looks, Fun, And Overall Highest Ranked...Read more
  Alyssa Grismer       
College students going through Rush expect to join a national fraternity or sorority, but aren’t always aware of the option of a local organization. Though not found on many campuses, they are just as rewarding and in my opinion even more fun. As a member of a local sorority, I can attest to the incredible sisterhood that can only be found within my organization....Read more
They say the people we love most are the ones we have most in common with- so it’s not a surprise that this #mcm has everything in common with you. Check out these 14 reasons why Joey Tribbiani is a sorority girl...Read more
  Khadija Dukes       
Folks from the north might think all SEC schools are all just about the same. They might say that the SEC is all about southern frat guys in chubbies and their southern belle girlfriends who say "y'all". But, everyone who knows and loves America's greatest conference can tell you that each school has its own unique flavor. Let's take a look at a list of if each SEC school were a type of cereal to better illustrate what makes each school unique....Read more
  Alyssa Bright       
Our entire lives we have lived on a schedule – school in the fall all the way through spring and then a break in the summer. But how should we spend our summers? In college we find ourselves playing a balancing act of passing classes, having a social life, and hopefully building or getting ready for our careers in the real world. Summer is...Read more
By the end of her first week in college most girls would have already ventured into a fraternity party. Likely, by the end of her first year she will be able to identify these 8 types of guys she will be running into at frat parties for the rest of her time at school. Here is a quick guide to identifying all 8 and some strategies on how a girl should want to treat each encounter....Read more