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While we are in the midst of our worst week of the semester, it's important to remember that we are not alone. Don't worry - Ariana Grande understands...Read more
What better way to brag about your strong sisterhood and eventful nights out than an entire page dedicated to what your sorority chapter is all about? Imagine hundreds of unique and creative photos tagged with a catchy tune to make you wish you could become a part of an incredible organization. Sororities have taken it upon themselves to use Tumblr to its full potential and get their names and chapters out there...Read more
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Our "10 Best Sorority Houses" write up seemed to create a lot of buzz. Apparently, we may have left out a few exceptional sorority houses in the article. We've received dozens of submissions from people who felt that their houses should have been included. If you are one of these people, we encourage you to email us pictures of your house and a few details about it for our next write up. Please send your house submissions to submissions@greekrank.com ...Read more
Sorority house? More like Sorority Mansion. The house is the home base and public face of a sorority. It can portray how established, classy, and influential they are. These 10 beautiful houses definitely made their statement...Read more
No matter where your college is on the spectrum of ‘Party Schools,’ you will find that you generally and consistently run into the same characters...Read more