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  Reece        POPULAR POST
PNMs are all trying to answer one question—“which sorority is right for me?” Every sorority brings something different to the table and it is often difficult to get a feel for each one on your campus. PNMs base their rush decisions on a variety of factors such as size of the chapter, popularity, physical attractiveness, and philanthropic activeness. But if you’re looking for a great, well rounded sorority to get the most out of your four years, there’s one sorority you should keep your eyes on....Read more
  Kevin        POPULAR POST
It's the beginning of a new school year and recruitment is already under way. Just in time, has tallied up all of the ratings and rankings to unveil the fraternities and sororities who are the current Fall 2015 leaders in each of the following categories: Sisterhood/Brotherhood, Involvement, Classiness, Popularity, Looks, Fun, And Overall Highest Ranked...Read more
  Tom        POPULAR POST
PMNs are eager to position themselves into the house of their dreams. A chapter's culture can change with each passing graduating class to the next, but one constant will be the house that the new members will call their home-away-from-home for the next 4 years. From the throwback castles in the Midwest to the modern mansions being built down south, this country has some very impressive sorority houses. Here's our new list of the 10 best houses in America....Read more
When I walked into the first round of Sigma recruitment, I was met by a flash of purple and chanting. When I got my bid and ran screaming to my new sisters, I knew that my life had changed for the better, for good. To all you PNMs out there, here are just a few of the reasons why I will always be proud of my choice to join Sigma Sigma Sigma....Read more
In a word, yes. In three words, yes and no. Pretending that sorority rush isn’t a superficial process is a useless pursuit. It is incredibly easy to get a read on someone’s appearance in a two minute conversation, and very difficult to get a read on someone’s personality in the same time frame....Read more
After a few major news networks covered it, I got a call from my parents asking what the deal with the Alpha Phi recruitment video was. "Is this what you do with your free time? Run around in your bathing suits? Is this what we let you sign up for?" asked my mom, who never had a chance to be a part of a sorority....Read more
GreekRank hosted an anonymous poll asking its visitors if they have ever been hazed and to what degree. Those who participated responded to the question by selecting one of the multiple choice answers 1) “Yes, I’ve been hazed and it was bad” 2) “Yes, I’ve been hazed but I didn’t think much of it” 3) “Maybe, I possibly experience some light hazing” 4) “No, I’ve never been hazed.” With over 5,000 respondents, the results are certainly worth a discussion....Read more