Cutest Sorority Pledge Classes - Fall 2017

Kaleigh Greek Life

Recruitment season for most schools is in the rearview mirror. Bids have been extended to and accepted by thousands of new members across the country. Just like a bride on her wedding day, there are few days in a girls life when she glows as much as she does on bid day. It is now time for chapters to flaunt the new adorable additions to their houses. Just like we did in the spring, here is a list of the 10 cutest sororoity pledge classes in the nation for Fall Semester 2017.... Read more


The 10 Best Sorority Houses In America - Fall 2017

Kaleigh Greek Life

Every PNM is looking for a strong sisterhood, good reputation, and of course…a beautiful sorority house to call home for the rest of their college career. Every semester we list the top sorority houses in the US. Click here to check out The 10 Best Sorority Houses In America - Spring 2017. Here are the rankings for Fall 2017. ... Read more


Best Fraternities And Sororities - Fall 2017

Kaleigh Greek Life

Summer is almost over. Wow that went quick. Potential new members are doing all the research they can ahead of recruitment to make sure they get into one of their top houses. For the last several years we have put together the GreekRank rankings of the best fraternities and sororities in the country in the in each of our categories. Here are GreekRank’s Fall 2017’s top sororities and fraternities in the categories of Sisterhood/Brotherhood, Involvement, Classiness, Popularity, Looks, Fun, And Overall Highest Ranked... Read more


It takes guts to be one of the inaugural members of a new chapter on campus. The founding members are challenged to build something out of nothing. Much respect to the leaders who not only joined a new chapter, but are quickly taking their chapters to the top ranks at their respective schools. Here are 10 new chapters that are quickly rising to the top.... Read more


AlumAvenue: Interview With Sam Land

Gabrielle Alexandra Smith Academics

“We are just bodies meant to participate in the workforce and continue our capitalist system. Society does not care about graduates as people, but as workers.”- Sam Land  Recently, Sam Land graduated in the class of 2017 as a Liberal Studies major from State University of New York at Purchase, also known as SUNY Purchase. Land was happy to sit down with AlumAvenue to tell us about his post-graduation life.... Read more


5 Tips For Staying Academically Organized

Nicole Bradley-Bernard Academics

Life as a college student is hectic. There is a constant juggling of priorities. It is important to stay as organized as possible to get everything that needs to get accomplished done in a timely manner. Here are 5 tips for how to stay organized in your academic work:... Read more


Moving away from home can be thrilling, nerve-racking, and tear-jerking for your parents. But while your mom is worried about her little baby leaving the nest, you are worried about how you are going to cram all your stuff into your new (undoubtable small) college living space. Worry no more. Here are some creative storage solutions for your first dorm or apartment.... Read more


5 Types Of College Professors

Gabrielle Alexandra Smith Academics

College professors have wide ranges of personalities, but there are five common types that every college student will come across during their undergraduate careers. Some of these personalities are irritating…while others can make learning fun. Also, some might not be your favorite, but they will make you a better person in life. Also keep in mind that a professor’s teaching style can change how a college student’s academic performance.... Read more