Even when the weather is cold, Greeks across the country are still working hard at raising money for the causes dearest to their organizations. Some even use the cold weather to their advantage and host unique winter-themed events. Here are some of the best philanthropy events from across the country for the month of February 2017.... Read more


​Online Versus Live Classes- The Pros And Cons

Nicole Bernard Greek Life

When I first started college, I was extremely hesitant to take online classes. I was unsure if I could maintain the same grades with the decreased interaction with a professor. Ironically, the degree I desired to pursue after I was finished with my Associates degree was a degree solely online. As you can imagine, I was pretty terrified... Read more


Items That Every College Student Needs

Kera Greek Life

 carpenter has their favorite tools, each college student has must-have items that get them through life. Most of these necessities are simple, but should never be overlooked. Balancing academic and social life can be difficult enough. Never leave for college without the following:... Read more


Do You Need To Graduate College In 4 Years?

John D’Amico Greek Life

For those of you who don’t know, I graduated from Rutgers University back in May 2016. And the other day, I met someone who is currently a student at Rutgers. After telling her that I recently graduated, she told me that she still had a year and a half until she graduated. And she sounded like she might have been mildly frustrated by this.... Read more


Things We Are Looking Forward To In 2017

Deborah Greek Life

2016, just wow. A lot happened this last year that will go down in the history books. We may be a month in to this New Year, but there’s still plenty of 2017 left to go around. Here’s a look at some of the things we can’t wait for.... Read more


Best Greek Philanthropy Events Of January 2017

Mary Greek Life

As expected, the philanthropy efforts were light in January. Some schools don’t start classes until half way through the month, so this isn’t a surprise. There were a few chapters, although, that took advantage of the free time that a new semester offers.... Read more


Why Your Sorority Sister Is The Best Valentine

Rebecca Greek Life

So Valentine’s is just a few weeks away. Do you have a valentine? For those sorority girls who say “no”, you might want to rethink that answer. You’ve got a chapter full of them. Here is 10 reasons why your sorority sister is the best valentine.... Read more