New York Is Making College Free – Is This A Good Idea?

John D’Amico Greek Life

So last month, I wrote a story delving into this whole idea of whether college should be free in the United States. I came out in favor of the idea to a certain extent. Although, I cannot honestly say that I expected anything to come out of it anytime soon. But it turns out I was wrong. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo recently put forth a new program that offers free college tuition in his state, according to the NY Post. So what exactly is this program going to be like? And is it a good idea or not? Let’s take a look.... Read more


Midterms are finished, and we are only a few weeks away from the end of the semester. Unfortunately, this is when many college students stop trying as hard as they did in the beginning. With finals approaching, this is the time to regain that motivation and power through the end. Here are a few tips to help you:... Read more


How to Draft A Letter Of Recommendation For Employers To Sign

Nicole Bradley-Bernard Greek Life

Those of you starting out with your first internships and/or first jobs, you probably have very little experience with the letter of recommendation outside of academia. Occasionally, at the end of an internship your employer will ask you to write your own letter of recommendation for him/her to sign. This can be a daunting process (I know I felt like it was a trap the first time I was asked to write one), but it can also be a helpful learning exercise to do at the end of a job. Here are some tips for making it an effective letter so you can end your internship at a high point:... Read more


10 Things Every College Town Needs

Dennis Greek Life

We can all agree that there is a difference between a college town and a school located in a big city. If you removed one of Boston’s higher learning institutions, the city itself wouldn’t change much at all. If you removed the University of Alabama from Tuscaloosa, the city with a population of around 95,000 would lose over 37,000 residents who are students plus all the staff that live in the city because of their employment at the school. In a college town, the city’s identity is the school. Let’s highlight 10 things that every college town needs.... Read more


How To Split Equity In A College Startup

Stu Greek Life

Thinking of starting a startup with college friends? Not a bad idea. Many popular tech giants were started on college campuses. For example, Facebook and Snapchat. College startups are often the first entrepreneurial experiences for the co-founders. With this inexperience, it is important not to make amateur moves. One of the very first discussions between co-founders is often around who owns what. Here is an invaluable tip on how to split equity.... Read more


6 Tips For Getting Along With Other Chapters

Keri Greek Life

On any given campus across the country you will find two types of greek communities. One is the kind that gets along with each other. The other is the kind that doesn’t get along with each other. If you are part of the former, then keep up the good work. If your campus resembles something out of Mean Girls, then pay attention. We have some tips for everyone in your greek community to put into action.... Read more


How To Keep A GDI As A Friend

Sam Greek Life

Even on campus that is greater than 30% greek, 7 out of 10 of the students are not in a sorority or fraternity. Are you just going to miss out on that many friendships just because you are in greeklife and they are not? Stop. That’s just stupid. College is about meeting new people and making lasting friendships. Here’s 5 tips on how to keep a GDI as a friend.... Read more