Things Every English Major Has Experienced

Kera Greek Life

There are a few things that every English major goes through, some more often than others. From certain phrases every one of us has heard, to back aches from too many books, and the constant need for more printer paper, the struggles of English majors are unlike that of any other major. Here are a few of them:... Read more


​An Incoming Freshman Guide To Greeklife

Sam Greek Life

Did you just graduate high school and are on your way to college in fall? Are you considering joining a greek organization your freshman year? If so, this article is for you. Here are 10 pieces of practical advice to ensure your initial greeklife experience goes smoothly.... Read more


​5 Quick Dorm-Friendly Lunch and Dinner Ideas

Nicole Bradley-Bernard Greek Life

College is an extremely hectic time. Between all your classes, part-time jobs (or sometimes full-time jobs), studying, socializing, and soaking in the experience that is college; it can be nearly impossible to find time to eat right (or eat at all sometimes). But it doesn’t have to be impossible, eating relatively healthily and quickly can be achieved. Here are 5 great suggestions for quick and easy dorm-friendly meals:... Read more


Remember as a kid hand-me-down from an older sibling were the worst? Well, now that you are in college hand-me-downs don’t seem that bad. By now we have also learned just who had the best hand-me-downs—parents. It’s Mom and Dad…they won’t care if you walk out of the house this August or September with some of these stuff. Even if they don’t exactly know at that time that you are taking it. Here are some of the top items your parents have that you should be taking back with you for the start of fall semester.... Read more


Five Reasons Why Sorority House Moms Rock

Blythe Wilson Greek Life

House moms rock. Every sorority girl knows that a house does not function without everyone’s favorite second mother. I wanted to write an article that highlights reason why sorority girls love their house moms as well as spotlight a few of the best moms in the country.... Read more


10 Reasons Why Parents Are Better Roommates

Susie Greek Life

Home for the summer? Great news! When compared to your college roommates, your parents make great roommates. You might not realize it until you go away to college and experience what it is like to live with someone other than Mom and Dad, but living at home for the summer has its perks. Here are 10 reasons why parents make better roommates than your college ones.... Read more


10 Signs It Is Time To Change Your Major

Blythe Wilson Greek Life

Feeling like you’re not on the right path with your chosen major? Guess what? You are not alone. Changing majors is a common occurrence. Just because it happens often, although, does not mean that it is an easy decision. Here are 10 signs that it might be time to make a change.... Read more