Best Greek Philanthropy Events Of January 2017

Mary Greek Life

As expected, the philanthropy efforts were light in January. Some schools don’t start classes until half way through the month, so this isn’t a surprise. There were a few chapters, although, that took advantage of the free time that a new semester offers.... Read more


Why Your Sorority Sister Is The Best Valentine

Rebecca Greek Life

So Valentine’s is just a few weeks away. Do you have a valentine? For those sorority girls who say “no”, you might want to rethink that answer. You’ve got a chapter full of them. Here is 10 reasons why your sorority sister is the best valentine.... Read more


The Sorority With The Most Politician Alumni

Liz Greek Life

It is a well known statistic that many successful women throughout history were at one point members of a sorority. Some excelled in business or the arts. Another notable accomplishment is serving in public office. What sorority do you think has had the most alumni who became politicians? According to Wikipedia, out of the 26 National Panhellenic Conference there are 6 organizations with more than 10 alumni who made it into the political arena by either being elected or appointed.... Read more


5 Things To Put On Your College Bucket List

Nicole Bernard Greek Life

We all want to make the most out of our college experience. But just like any other stage of life, this precious time will slip away and be over before we know it. For a lot of us, I’m sure this is a relieving statement (no more studying? Thank whatever deity you acknowledge, right?). But for those of you who don’t feel like you’ve really had that “ideal” college experience, I’m sure you’re starting to feel the pressure to make the most of your remaining “college sentence” count. Having finished up my first four years of this crazy little thing called “the college experience”, I have discovered the top five things I find to be the most important to be on the “college bucket list”. Here they are:... Read more


Top Sisterhood Events Of January 2017

Synthia Greek Life

There is no better way to start a new year and a new semester than by hanging out with your sisters. Starting any semester with a sisterhood event is a fantastic idea. First, the sisters who take the responsibility to organize it had plenty of time over break to plan ahead. Second, everyone is starved to see each other after such an extended time apart. Lastly, let’s get real…its syllabus week which is the least stressful and least busy time of each semester. This perfect storm allows for early second semester sisterhood events to be some of the best of the year. Looking for some ideas for your next event? Here are three sisterhood events that started off the year the right way.... Read more


So you are now a second semester senior, huh? Freshman year we pretty much never considered that this would ever happen. By junior year we just decided not to think about it. By first semester of senior year our impending graduation was very, very real. Now, it has come. Our last semester. One last chance to live the dream. Let’s walk through a series of 16 thoughts that most of us will experience during our last months on campus.... Read more


Reactions When Your Homeless Sorority Finally Gets A Home

Taylor Moran Greek Life

For so long your chapter has been the homeless sorority.  The new chapter on campus that has to float around from place to place for events because you have no house to call a home.  But no longer.  A house finally opened up for one reason or another and your chapter got the call that it would become yours.  Here’s 13 things that happen once that announcement has been made... Read more