​5 Quick Dorm-Friendly Snack Ideas

Nicole Bradley-Bernard Greek Life

As a college student, you are always busy. Between all your classes, all your homework, all the social events you try to make it to, work, and finding time to sleep; finding time for food prep can be challenging. We are all guilty of avoiding it and heading to the nearest vending machine for a snack during those late-night study breaks. But it doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are 5 quick, easy, and relatively nutritious snack ideas to keep you full and focused:... Read more


​PNM Bucket List For 2017-2018 School Year

Katherine Greek Life

I cannot wait to get on campus and join a sorority. Like tens of thousands of other rising freshman across the country, I am looking forward to getting through recruitment, getting a bid, and meeting my new sisters for life.  You only get to be a PNM once, so I want to make this year count. Here is my 40 item bucket list of what I want to accomplish this upcoming 2017-2018 school year.... Read more


​Top 5 Tips For Sorority Recruitment

Hannah Elizabeth Greek Life

It is mid-July and everyone knows what that means—Recruitment Season is right around the corner. Colleges across the country will be flooded with girls being led from house to house attempting to find their perfect home in the Greek Community. Whether your school's recruitment period takes a weekend or a week, this will be one of the most stressful times of your life. If you’re going into recruitment then chances are you’ve researched your college’s sororities, picked out your outfits and designed Pinterest boards of future crafts.... Read more


5 Campuses Most Prepared For Zombie Apocalypse

James Greek Life

Admit it, we have all wondered what would happen if there was an actual zombie apocalypse. Some college campuses would be in big trouble, while others are positioned to fare much better. This might because of location, resources, commitment to sustainability, or just sheer grit and toughness. Here are five schools that have the best odds of surviving through an actual zombie apocalypse.... Read more


29 Harvard University faculty members recently recommended that the school ban students from joining fraternities and sororities in an attempt to phase out greek life by May 2022. Other schools are also flirting with prohibiting greek life. From the schools’ standpoint, yes there would likely be benefits to this move. Yet, are they weighing the negatives of such a decision? Here are 5 potential unwanted outcomes if your university decided to get rid of greek life.... Read more


Harvard Rescinds Admission – Was it Right? Lessons Learned?

John D’Amico Greek Life

So back at the start of June, Harvard University rescinded admission for 10 students who were supposed to start there this upcoming September. This was due to a series of offensive memes posted in a Facebook group, according to story originally published by the Harvard Crimson.  These students were a part of the official Harvard Facebook group. But one day, several of them decided to go and form their own separate “comedic” Facebook group for posting memes. These memes included vile, disgusting content dealing with subjects like racism, anti-Semitism and child abuse, all presented in a lighthearted manner.... Read more


All hands on deck! Your parents are coming to visit your college home. For most college students this happens at least once a school year. Here is a list of your prep work, what you need to have out on display and what you need to hide, the people you need to notify, and the everything in between.... Read more