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srat rank By: correct

1. DDD 2. Theta 3. DG 4. AXO 5. GPhi 6. APhi 7. KKG 8. KD 9. XO 10....Read More

By: correct Posted:

Stereotypes? By: curious

What are the stereotypes of sororities?? ...Read More

By: curious Posted:

Ranks (for the most part) By: Ranks 2016

1. Delta Delta Delta 2. Theta 3. DG ( falling) 4....Read More

By: Ranks 2016 Posted:   Replied:

Greeks on Homecoming Court By: Loyal Illini

Congrats to the newly named members of the 2016 Homecoming...Read More

By: Loyal Illini Posted:

True and Unbiased Frat Rankings for Freshmen Rushe By: Yup

Frats in each tier are 100% interchangeable. Keep that in...Read More

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sorority rank By: gb

1. Theta 2. DG 3. DDD 4. A Phi 5. G Phi 6. AXO 7. KKG 8....Read More

By: gb Posted:   Replied:

APhi By: Social climber I see you

Alpha phi: you are not top tier. Please stop self...Read More

By: Social climber I see you Posted:

The REAL Pasta Rankings By: pastaluver

Top: Penne/Rotini/Farfalle Upper Middle: Spaghetti/Fettuccine/Tortellini/Ravioli Middle: Elbow Macaroni/Angel Hair/Lasagna/Rigatoni Lower Middle: Acini de...Read More

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Best Physical Houses By: Trump 2016

What would you say the the best physical houses are,...Read More

By: Trump 2016 Posted:   Replied:

How's phi kappa psi By: ..

Just curious and didn't they get a new house Adress...Read More

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