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Spring 2014 GPAs by GradesMatter
Once again, GPhi earned the highest GPA of the social sororities, 3.5398. Sigma Alpha was # 1 with 3.5427, but they are not a social house and have just 54 members. For all of the haters with made up accusations against GPhi, GPhi continues to show excellence in an area that can actually be verified and is objective.
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stupid by hi
"This website is F*****G irrelevant. Literally, every sorority and frat will self rank, and every sorority and frat will dis others, so everyone stfu. A ~website~ will not say anything about how the houses actually are, how about you try meeting the people in person and hangout with them to try to figure out whether you like that house or not. Do not listen to a flipping website, everyone has their own opinions of which house they like more" -every chill person
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Sororities by Not much has Changed
1) DDD
2) THeta
3) DG
4) AXO
5) Gphi
6) Aphi
7) KD
8) KKG
9) XO
10) ADPI
11) Pi Phi
12) AGD
13) AXID
14) SDT
15) DZ
16) Phi Sig Sig
17) Aopi
18) Aephi
19) Sk

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and dumber by dumb
everyone is assuming that gphi is self promoting themselves, which i believe they may have previously done so in the past. but today i physically OVERHEARD two girls in another sorority (not naming) talk about how THEY were bumping gphi towards the top so people would accuse gphi of this and so they would get *****ed at. its not ALL g phi doing this, its another sorority doing it too so gphi gets the blame for it. but this website is for losers who believe everything they see from a dumb computer screen. Get a life people.
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Gphi! Congrats, you are in the heads of all of the queen houses and others as well. Your 18s must be awesome. All of the world's problems are because of you. Every post they don't like is done by you. Any posts giving props to your house about anything such as grades is classless Gphi bragging. Every thread discusses you. All of these sororities are obsessed with you. We can now add this thread to the list.

Let's just call this the Gphi discussion board, because they all constantly cry and complain about you. Whatever you did, good job! No matter how hard they try, they just have to talk about you. They can't control themselves. Let the crying begin!

Just remember, Gphi, you should worry when they stop talking about you, and that won't happen any time soon!
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Sorority and Fraternity rank by Greek life expert
1) Kappa Alpha Theta
2) Delta Delta Delta
3) Delta Gamma
4) Gamma Phi Beta
5) Kappa Delta
6) Alpha Phi
7) Alpha Phi
8) Kappa Kappa Gamma
9) Chi Omega
10) Pi Beta Phi
11) Alpha Xi Delta
12) Alpha Gamma Delta
13) Alpha Delta Pi
14) Sigma Delta Tau
15) Alpha Omocron Pi
16) Delta Zeta
17) Phi Sigma Sigma
18) Alpha Epsilon Phi
19) Sigma Kappa

1) SAE
2) Pike
3) Sigma Chi
4) ATO
5) Delts
6) Acacia
7) Phi Delt
8) ZBT
9) Sig Ep
10) Samsies
11) Lambda Chi
12) Fiji
13) Phi Psi
14) Alpha Sig
15) Delta Upsilon
16) Delta Chi
17) AEPi
18) AKL
19) Aggers
20) Theta Xi
21) Sigma Nu
22) Kappa Sigma
23) Psi Oops I joined the wrong frat
24) Alpha Chi Rho
25) KDR (last known frat to women)\n\n\n\n\n
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fa sho by real rankings
this is coming from someone not involved in any self ranking drama.
Tridelt, Theta, DG

Top/ Upper Middle
AXO, Gphi

KD, Aphi, KKG, ChiO

Lower Middle
Piphi, Adpi, AOPi, AxiD, AGD

SDT, Aephi, PSS, SK, DZ
Posted Sep 19, 2014 12:36:28 AM
yeah by yeah
1) DDD
2) THeta
3) GPhi
4) AXO
5) DG
6) Aphi
7) KD
8) KKG
9) XO
10) Pi Phi
11) ADPi
12) AGD
13) AOII
14) AXID
15) SDT
16) Phi Sig Sig
17) DZ
18) Aephi
19) Sk
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Pi Phi
Phi Sig Sig

So gphi here you go. The Newest ranks. This is where you end up when you behave in such a social climbing undignified catty manner. I am sure that many will agree. Please just Shut It!
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Tri delt, gphi, theta
AXO, alpha phi
KD, DG, kappa,
chi o, pi phi, AGD,
Dz, SDT,
AEPHI, phi sig
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