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Is the vodka water chic featured in that viral video in a sorority? Just curious!

Posted By: Coastie
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she used to be but she isn't anymore.

By: grove girl
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Did she resign or get terminated as a result of the video, or did it happen prior to her stupid drunken rant?

By: Really?
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What sorority?

By: ???
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she used to be a kappa i think. but whatever sorority she was in she had dropped before that video happened

By: she
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So embarrassing! My dad saw this and freaked! He now thinks all ole miss students are like this.

By: Omg
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She was not a kappa.

By: 12345
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was she at any point a Phi Mu?

By: ^^
by: -Nov 6, 2013 9:16:07 PM


By: -
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Dad needs to get a clue. Come on

By: Whoooop
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She definitely used to be a phi mu. One look at her twitter and Facebook is all you need to figure that out. Her blonde friend was a kappa though.

By: Phi mu
by: um noNov 7, 2013 7:43:35 AM

Sorry but that definitely is not true. She was never a Phi Mu. Stop trying to stir up drama

By: um no
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She was a pi phi. I know her from high school.

By: I know her

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