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Comment By: GR Administrator
21by: re:   

neh, i think sigma kappa is higher than phi moo this year - close call

By: re:
22by: duh   

well now we can at least see who is on this site rating themselves.....dz cough cough

By: duh
23by: HAHAHAH   

haha WOW...calling all mediocre houses... everyone quick rank yourselves! sigma kappa as #3? puh-lease....
<br>like this site means ANYTHING anyway. if are a girl rushing this year and are planning on using this as your guide... i feel REALLY sorry for you.

24by: :(   

this site means the world to me...

By: :(
25by: wait wait   

how is phi moo above DG, sigma kappa, and theta's...? try again!

By: wait wait
26by: Pur-Dude   

Chi-Os are class acts fo sho. They are the kind of girls you end up with. Any guy in a top house would tell you these girls are beautiful, classy, and so much fun.

By: Pur-Dude
27by: fo shizzle   

um alpha phi? please. get over yourself. YOU SUCK!

By: fo shizzle
28by: go greek   

this is so silly, as a sorority girl, i have friends in every house and this website is all so conceited. i hope everyone has a good recruitment this upcoming year. not just the "top houses" whatever that even means. we look for girls that possess the qualities we want in friends and sisters. Not backstabber's. If you're an upcoming freshman, and looking at this website for reference, then you need to reconsider your sources. Sign up for recruitment and keep an open mind through the entire process. there is a stereotype or nickname for every house just because of animosity. But that is not what being Greek is about. Follow your heart and chose the house that you can see yourself calling home for the next 3-4 years. <3 Dana

By: go greek
29by: RANK   

This ranking list looks quite accurate finaly.

30by: tiers   

top tier = kappa kappa gamma, alpha phi, pi beta phi, chi omega, delta zeta
<br>2nd = delta gamma, zeta tau alpha,kappa alpha theta, alpha chi omega, phi mu
<br>bottom = sigma kappa, delta delta delta, alpha gamma delta, alpha xi delta, gamma phi beta
<br>aka pretty much how it's always been the past 5 years.

By: tiers

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