Most racist houses?


The drama about Bama houses not letting in black people had me wondering, what are the most racist houses here at mizzou? Fraternities and sororities. I've heard girls from Sigma and AXO say really antisemetic things about guys in AEPi, and I've heard agsigs and ka's scream n- with a hard R when drunk

Are there any houses that are hard on only giving bids to white people? I've seen all white sororities but I didnt notice too many black or asian girls during recruitment

Posted By: curious
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I would say that the fraternities tend to be a little more racist than sororities, but this is coming from a black sorority girl. Not a lot of black/asian/hispanic girls rush, but it's not because they wouldn't get into a house, it's because they might not be interested. I can guarantee that every sorority has a little diversity, but it could be more.

By: well
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This is so stupid. There is no "most racist" house at Mizzou. Almost every sorority has a few black/asian/indian/whatever girls. Like the person above me said, the reason sororities are mostly white is because mostly white girls rush. Also, I know girls in AXO and girls in Sigma that are dating/have dated guys in Aepi. As for KA and Agsig, drunk frat boys are drunk frat boys. They're harmless.

By: umm
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Hello! Did someone really use an example of a sorority girl dating a Jewish guy as proof that racism doesn't exist? REALLY???? What is this? 1947?

By: Yup
by: ummmSep 16, 2013 1:02:09 AM

No, you moron. Obviously there is some racism at Mizzou. There is racism everywhere. But the person was asking for the "most racist houses" at Mizzou. The point is, you can't just generalize and say a house is more racist. How can you say AXO, as a whole house, is generally racist against jews when several of their girls are dating AEPIs? People are racist. Not houses. It's a stupid question.

By: ummm
by: come onSep 16, 2013 8:20:18 AM

Considering Judaism is a religion, not a race, I'm wondering just who the MORON is. I really can't believe we are having a discussion about houses with Jewish girls. There isn't a sorority on this campus that hasn't had Jewish girls for decades and decades and decades. Let's remember there used to be a Jewish sorority on campus that basically went away a long, long time ago because it is so mainstream to be Jewish that no house would ever consider cutting someone because religion.

By: come on
by: Do your homeworkNov 12, 2015 10:08:51 AM

Being Jewish is not just a religion. It is a race, it's geneology goes back to the beginning of time.

By: Do your homework
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There has always been (and probably always will be) a handful of Jewish girls in AXO, including sisters of past AEPi members. I'm assuming there's at least one Jewish person in every chapter, fraternity or sorority. If one idiot made a stupid comment, please don't judge the entire house. I also think that Mizzou is a much more accepting and diverse place than Alabama. THANK HEAVEN. What's going on there is humiliating.

By: Whoa
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Phi Psi used to be a plantation with slaves...I think KA is racist too, and probably kappa sigma too, now that i think about it

By: ...
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Not sure how axo was targeted for this post, aren't they one of the most diverse houses on campus?? It's gotta be between them and kappa. Both houses have girls who come from lots if different cultural backgrounds. Whoever wrote this post is a complete joke and obviously doesn't know any axo or sigmas in real life

By: ?
by: pretty sureOct 8, 2013 12:55:17 PM

AXO was not "targeted" on this post, but there you go, paranoid AXO's getting defensive....someone was using AXO as a barometer for inclusiveness, NOT racism when they pointed out AXO's have been know to date Jewish men. They were using AXO as an example of inclusiveness (Judaism is a religion, NOT a race, shoutout to "come on" for clarifying that for the D students among us...) They were saying that AXO and Sigma were being MOST INCLUSIVE. Let's stop now with this whole idiotic thread, shall we?

By: pretty sure
by: ^Oct 29, 2013 12:30:05 AM

Uhh can you read? Another commenter said that, but the OP directly targeted AXO, Sigma, KA and AgSig. I'm pretty sure that's what 6 was referring to.

By: ^
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i dont think there is one minority in the kappa sig house

By: sk
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Kappa Sig is openly racist. By far the worst on this campus. KA is harmless. Offensive at times, but harmless.

By: Kappa Sig
by: ActuallyOct 28, 2013 2:30:52 PM

There is one Jew in Kappa Sig

By: Actually
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Once more, ladies and gentlemen. Judaism is NOT a race, it is a religion. And anyone who thinks having a Jew in a sorority or fraternity is proof that it is not racist is like saying you like every sort of candy, including broccoli. When members of the Greek community go on and on showing their ignorance, it reflects badly on the entire system. How about this: if you are stupid, try to make a sincere effort to hide it as long as you can, and that means not posting irrelevant comments on this website. Now, as for TRUE racism, there are some houses that were founded on the superiority of the South (KA) and I worry about that heritage. There also are some sororities that take pride in being elitist and not inclusive. I worry about those, too.

By: disagree
by: Okay, butNov 12, 2015 8:30:36 AM

Yes you are right, Judaism is a religion not a race. But that doesn't mean that they don't get made fun of or discriminated against.

By: Okay, but
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KA is an extension of the KKK, I thought everyone knew that.

By: me

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