SigEp’s Award Winning Balanced Man Program

by: Sigma phi till I die

The Balanced Man Program is the centerpiece of the SigEp chapter experience and provides the experience that today’s student needs to be successful during and after college. The Balanced Man Program is a non-pledging, non-hazing, four-year, personal, academic, leadership and professional skills development experience. These tenets are rooted in the founding values of the Fraternity. They guide every aspect of the Balanced Man Program and must be in place before a chapter can effectively focus on implementation:

Equal rights and responsibilities - Full membership upon joining
Continuous development - Growing throughout life
Accountability - Committing to SigEp’s high standards
Living the Ritual - Incorporating SigEp’s values into everyday life
Mentoring - Maximizing growth through guidance and support

A challenge is a portion of the development experience that includes clear expectations, programs and opportunities for a brother to grow and develop. Challenges with time frames bring structure, competition, and fun to the membership experience. While the challenges are self-paced, they are not intended to make the fraternity experience an individual journey. Group and team activities are still critical for brothers to form bonds with others across the chapter. The concept of self-paced denotes attention to individual performance, needs and goals. Simply put, progression through each challenge is based on individual achievement and no member should be held up from further developing himself because certain members are less ambitious or goal-oriented. Every member should be encouraged and empowered to reach his full potential.

To accomplish these outcomes a chapter should provide programming across five areas of development. These areas branch across every challenge and help members develop critical skills to succeed through college and beyond. Very few classes in college teach students how to properly transition into the "real" world. The Balanced Man Program helps fill this void. With quality developmental programming, our members will be more likely to succeed after college than their peers. Additionally, leadership programming and networking is a great opportunity to engage alumni in the development experience.

Posted By: Sigma phi till I die
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