PNMs: Awards may be big deals to some, but girls in the house is what you really should be paying attention to. Here's a quick run-down of each OU house in ABC order:

Alpha Chi: mid-tier house with great girls who like to have fun but also have a great and true sisterhood. Pretty girls who are also down-to-earth and very likable. Enjoy their Greek life but don't live and die by it. Top "alpha tier" house.

AGD: Probably OU's strongest and truest sisterhood even though it's not one the top houses.

AOPi: somewhat new house at OU still making its way on the Greek ladder. A variety of girls who seem to like each other and have fun.

Alpha Phi: party girls who are also fairly active on-campus.

Chi Omega: once a top house at OU but has since fallen in the ranks. Still a good house but not what it used to be. Recent physical improvements to the actual house have made it one of the prettiest of all houses.

Tri-Delt: Very competitive and good house that has taken over where Chi O and Pi Phi used to be. Culturally diverse group of girls and very active. Keep in mind they do have a sleeping porch though, which they often hide during rush.

DG: Mid-tier, solid house with great girls. One great positive is that their house is in an excellent location campus-wise!

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But Theta still remains one of the hardest houses to get into along with PiPhi and Chi O. I wonder why Tridelta copied the Chi O recruitment post from Instagram and Facebook ( several weeks later) if they truly are better, sounds like that house is still playing catch up. Kappa can be hard to get into but the local factor ( lots of reg type middle of the road girls from Norman with avg grades) holds them back from being the best. Gamma Phi has stepped up their game recently but people seem to forget they exist,sweet nice girls. Alpha Phi has improved too- lots of pretty girls but some have questionable reps causing them to be cut by better houses.All the other houses have a great time and are sweet genuine girls with great sisterhoods.

Actually OU has a great Greek system and truly all the houses are friends and get along. Houses are large and you will find every type girl in every house.

PNM just relax, have fun and give the house that bids you a chance- you will fall in love with it!

By: Close....
by: BoomerAug 3, 2013 12:53:12 AM

This is truthful too

By: Boomer
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So it stays with
Part 2

By: Bumping
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all these houses except agd, aopi and tri delt have very bad reputations at OU (axo is getting better but the rest are getting worse since I've been here)

By: all
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Hahaha did they cut you? Tridelta and Chi O are 2 of the hardest houses to get into. AXO has improved a lot. DG, AGD, and AOPI have great girls and great sisterhoods. Why are you so negative? Are you really that worried about how your house will do during recruitment? Your insecurities are showing!

By: @3
by: *Alpha PhiJul 29, 2013 11:19:44 AM

Has also been climbing up the ranks really quickly! - sorry I left them out!

By: *Alpha Phi
by: @#4Jul 29, 2013 9:16:32 PM

Yes. Like everyone who disagrees with you, I was cut the first day by Chi O, A Phi, DG, etc., so I had to make do with one of the top houses. LOL@

By: @#4
by: #4Jul 29, 2013 10:20:28 PM

Only said positive things about the houses listed on this part of the post but @#4 is being hateful to all the houses. So I agree with #6 and #7.

By: #4
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By: ^
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If you were cut by all those houses on the first day, there is NO WAY you are in any kind of top house! Hahaha-first time you actually told a partial truth on here I'm betting. Which explains your bitterness towards most of the houses.

By: @@#4
by: LOLJul 29, 2013 10:12:26 PM

she's being sarcastic - guess it went over your head......

#7  by:    

No , she wants you to believe she's being sarcastic, she's being bitter.

By: @LOL
by: Too Funny!Jul 29, 2013 10:38:10 PM

I love it!

By: Too Funny!
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These are all pretty accurate in my opinion.

By: Agree
by: @8Jul 30, 2013 1:03:53 AM


By: @8
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By: pretty
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Part 1 to stay with part 2

By: Bumping
by: ^Aug 1, 2013 12:16:17 AM

Me too

By: ^
by: ^Aug 1, 2013 8:13:50 PM


By: ^

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