frat rankings

by: in the know

Top (in no particular order):
ATO, Pi Kapps, Sig Chi, Beta, Delts, maybe Fiji

The rest are pretty irrelevant...

Posted By: in the know
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#1  by: Barely   

Pi kapps, fiji, ATO. Sig chi is getting worse and betas currently pledges are awful. And delts is good, just not that good

By: Barely
#2  by: Delts is middle tier   

Remove delts and that is the top tier for u. Ato and pi kapps are on probo but have been the two top from first semester and last year. Girls love them and should retain too status next year

By: Delts is middle tier
by: agree^Mar 12, 2014 11:48:55 AM

Delts is definitely a middle tier - no disrespect to them, but they dont compare to the top houses.

By: agree^
#3  by: uhh….   

I think Pi kapps will retain their status but ATO won't (they look like greasers). Regardless, they are both on probo the rest of the semester so they can't actually be top right now? Based on the parties I've been to lately…an updated ranking (not including probo houses) would look like this: Sig Chi, FIJI, Delts, Phi Psi, Beta

By: uhh….
#4  by: Greasers??   

While I think atos can be douche bags they are hot and party hard. They ran this campus as for as parties go frat semester and will get better next year cause of the new freshmen. Pi kapps is also top great parties and cool kids. Two too houses with beta not far behind

By: Greasers??
by: what?Mar 12, 2014 2:47:51 AM

Im sorry, but do you know the English language?

By: what?

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