attention freshman girls

by: the real deal

Here are the REAL sorority rankings before you go into rush this winter:

1. There are no rankings. There are literally 5 sororities. Sorority women at such a small school would do a lot better to support each other and love and uplift the panhellenic community than criticize each other and be the “top” sorority. Each sorority has a different vibe, each sorority is very diverse, and we’re lucky to have that. Let’s recognize the strengths of each chapter on campus instead of bringing each other down through arbitrary rankings on some website.
2. Don’t even read anymore of this website. One of the biggest mistakes I made before recruitment was getting an idea into my head of which chapter I wanted based on “rank” and things people said on this side. If you are really going to let some troll you have never met determine what you think about a group of girls you have also NEVER met, you should really reconsider why you’re rushing. I consistently ranked the chapter I’m in now at the bottom because I was so concerned about “ranking” and being in a “popular” sorority that I overlooked the amazing women that have now become my best friends. I almost dropped out of recruitment but I did not. Trust the process, it all works out, don’t worry about ranks.
3. I truly believe there is an organization for everyone on this campus and I wholeheartedly urge freshman girls to go through recruitment. Recruitment not easy for everyone but believe me, and ask any greek woman on this campus, it pays off. Focus on the WOMEN in the chapters, and try your very hardest to ignore these so called “rankings/tiers”.

Posted By: the real deal
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#1  by: Wut   

So true, can’t believe people would downvote this

By: Wut
#2  by: YES   

this 👏🏻🙌🏻


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