2020 Sorority Ranks

by: BYOB

Welcome to QU Greek life! Please try to be respectful of all organizations here. If you are considering going Greek and want to know what’s up, these are the updated ranks:

Theta = Axo

Phi sig

Chi o = G phi

Tri delt

Posted By: BYOB
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#1  by: true   

wow I generally don’t agree with ranks but this is all true

By: true
#2  by: yes    

This is pretty much the most accurate one I’ve seen. But if you’re a PNM reading this remember the most “popular” sorority isn’t always the right fit for you! It’s more important to be where you love than what others think. That said if you care about ranks this ones pretty good

By: yes
#3  by: QU   

This is right but if you rush be open to everyone!

By: QU
#4  by: zoom rush   

some sororities did better than others this year but hope everyone feels welcome in their new sisterhoods!

By: zoom rush

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