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So I want to preface this by saying I used to in DPhiE, But I dropped after 2 semesters. I was not happy in it at all, the “sisterhood” is non existent basically. You have your “core” sisters who are always seen together but are usually never seen with other members of the chapter because they talk bad about each other the majority of the time. And as for sisters that hang out OUTSIDE of school like library and stuff
, the social scene is very dead. If you’re looking for a “authentic college” experience like going out etc you will not find it here, they are rarely ever seen out expect for of course the well known 3-7 sisters. In my opinion from what I’ve seen DZ/Phi Mu have the strongest and most authentic sisterhood, of course every chapter has its flaws but these girls are always together and in big groups usually because for the most part the majority of them get along and support each other, and they also have a very active social life and close friends with fraternity members. If you want to waste your money on only seeing your “sisters” during your weekly Sunday meetings or the occasional social that half the chapter misses then go dphie!

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This isn’t even a ranking, like the title leads people to believe. This is just you bashing on one sorority because you had a bad experience with them.

By: What

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