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University:  University of Tennessee at Knoxville - UTK

Greek Organization:  Kappa Alpha Order

Author:  Down With KA

Comment:  Straight up: Screw these guys. All they talk about is how much money their dads make. I heard a rumor that one of their dads owns Best Buy but honestly who cares? I haven't bought anything at Best Buy since 2014 so I don't get why all these people are obsessed with that. Seriously grinds my gears. Also who cares that one of their dads owns Brooks Brothers. The only people who wears that are 60 year old men. Like maybe if their dad owned Supreme it'd be cool or whatever but Brooks Brothers? Cmon. And so what your dads are lawyers and stuff? sick bro why don't you get ready to lawyer up with daddy when I give you a knuckle sandwich at Uptown. Another thing: jeans and boots are stupid. Like what did you just finish up herding the cattle before your 9am? So stupid. Honestly nobody cares about how rich their dads are except them. Next time I see a KA it's fight on site and we'll see just how helpful daddy's money is then.
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