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ADPi, AGD, Chi O, KD, Phi Mu These are the most desired sororities during recruitment. They have always been top and have too much history (and mom and grandmas influence) to change, sadly. AXO, AOPi, DDD, Zeta, Pi Phi These are still highly sought after and well-liked during recruitment. High quality PNMs are still very interested in these groups right off the bat. They are well liked by top and middle frats and those who are involved end up in leadership positions. AXiD, G Phi, DZ, SK, DG KKG, Theta, SSS These two groups have great girls. I think they just get lost in the shuffle with all of the other groups during recruitment. The party girls are liked by frats and the rest really aren’t necessarily known for anything. They do have involved and smart girls not but they are just a mixed bag. All sororities are great at Auburn and we should be proud to be a part of such great groups. War Eagle!
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