5 Careers That Didn’t Exist 10 Years Ago

YouTube Star, Podcast Producer -- These Jobs Didn't Even Exist 10 Years Ago!
 YouTube Star, Podcast Producer -- These Jobs Didn't Even Exist 10 Years Ago!

Did you know that 65% of kids who enter elementary school today will likely end up in jobs that don’t even exist yet?

Technology, data, artificial intelligence, and robots means that humans are needed less and less for the type of work machines are designed for. So what jobs will cease to exist? Or even more importantly, what new jobs will be created -- that weren’t even around ten years ago?

Here’s GreekRank.com’s list of five careers to think about that would’ve sounded foreign just a decade ago.

Social media manager

Sure, ten years ago, Facebook was gaining in popularity with millions of users, but it was then what it was designed to be: a social network, meant to connect acquiantances and friends and serve as a tool to communicate with them. Today, brands and companies own the space on your newsfeed, and every brand had better have not just a person but a department managing what you see. A social media manager, juggling all social platforms, controls the messages you see attached to a brand.

Influence marketer

Like a social media manager, influence marketers have learned that today, advertising isn’t driven by the medium (TV, print, radio) but by the person delivering the message. Credibility in an age of information overload is more important than ever. Trust no longer exists in institutions, but in singular parties who hold the values and ideals you resonate with. Which is why influence marketers are a thing. They identify the online thought leaders, celebrities, and as the term suggests, influencers, who can take a message to their audience, delivered with their attached authority.


In the past ten years, podcast have become one of the few channels that is experiencing record growth in readership and audience attrition. While social networks and media channels wane in terms of who and how they’re used, podcasts are here to stay. With one of the more educated and sophisticated audiences, podcasters, in essence, vlog about whatever their niche is, acquire ad revenue, and build audiences thanks to apps that allow them to spread their message with little overhead to millions of ear.

Uber drivers

Even the youngest of Gen Z’ers should remember life without Lyft and Uber. Just ten years ago, you would have had to hail a taxi (can you imagine?!) to get a private, expensive ride from point A to B. Now, you pay your neighbors just a couple of bucks for it. One of the most convenient and significant startups to have taken the world by storm, today, it’s hard to believe we lived without the ride-share app.

YouTube Stars

Hold your laughter. These guys make serious money. YouTube stars can earn millions of dollars through their channels, which, if they garner enough subscribers and viewers, could set them up for life through ad revenue and sponsorships. Today, tens of thousands vie for the opportunity to scratch the right itch of a large enough audience that’ll skyrocket them to fame. In reality, only a handful ever achieve enough celebrity to call it a well-paying profession.



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