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521by: HONEST for Rushees   


Purdue prides itself on the Greek community. We shouldn't be tearing anyone down or putting anyone in rankings we should be coming together to promote how amazing we ALL are. This site should NOT be about giving rushees advice on what the "top house" is. In each houses' own way we are ALL top and they should be picking a house on where they feel the most connected because that's what matters in the long run, not the popularity contest. You as an individual choose your own popularity that may or may not be separate from the popularity label your house has been given on this so called "helpful" site and once your in Greek life you will learn that. I would strongly encourage everyone interested in rush to keep an open mind and ignore this site. Every house has amazing girls (the smartest girls, most popular girls, cheerleaders, honor society members from various high schools -EVERY house).

By: HONEST for Rushees
522by: To Rushees    


Don't listen to the poster under me. You need to know what the top houses are. Every house puts on a fake front during recruitment. This website is pretty accurate.sw

By: To Rushees
523by: To Rushees   


This site is mostly accurate. The tiers are right. PNMs take note. Good luck with rush!

By: To Rushees
524by: To Rushees   


This site is not mostly accurate. DZ is def better than phi mu.

By: To Rushees
525by: @rank to rushees   


@ranktorushees has it right, those 4 houses were the top picks for the past few years only i would say zeta and tridelt probably aren't at the same level as the others listed in the 2nd tier, but better than 3rd. The "actual" ranking to the left are totally false, don't even pay attention to that

By: @rank to rushees
526by: Seriously Though..   


You can't come in thinking about the stereotypes of houses or how they are ranked. You will end up picking the wrong house and more than likely you will end up being miserable. I went through rush not having a clue how each house was ranked and ended up picking the perfect house for me and I couldn't be happier. In the end, it comes down to which girls you find fit your personality better. Best of luck at recruitment!

By: Seriously Though..
527by: get real   


@Seriously Though most everyone will pick the same houses as their top choices and the top houses will cut. PNM choices don't matter as much as ours.

By: get real
528by: Tiers do not matter.   


You'd be surprised. There are plenty of girls with a top house and a middle/lower tier house for pref and end up choosing the middle/lower tier house. Not every girl is going to love a top house. I'm starting to believe that all of these people leaving rude/hopeless comments want girls to do badly during rush and aimlessly try for top houses that they probably don't even want just because a bunch of girls on a website are telling them to. What does that say about our Greek system? Since when did tiers and ranking overshadow quality sisterhood? This website makes me sick.

By: Tiers do not matter.
529by: Really?   


How many girls you know had kappas and fuzzies on pref and picked fuzzies?

By: Really?
530by: @really   


That was just rude.

By: @really

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